Global scale

WPA powers News Marketplace business for the world’s largest broadcasters, media companies and brands. We have local representant and expertise around the globe.

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Customer success

Our team of News Marketplace and advertising experts is ready to work with your Media to design, develop and deploy differentiated newswire experiences that adapt with your business.

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Advanced analytics

WPA’s world class Newswire analytics and content recommendations make your marketplace experiences more personal, more efficient and more profitable on every media.

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News Agency Marketplace - Products & ServicesThe Marketplace production solution for crewing, editing, playout and satellite transmission capabilities worldwide.

WPA Omnisport Marketplace

From the pitch, the court or the circuit, we report on more than 50 of the world’s sports, from the most important events..

WPA Entertainment Showbiz

Everyday, the world’s leading broadcasters, movie channels and entertainment portals turn to Showbiz Marketplace for their regular feed of celebrity profiles, previews and events, award ceremonies, and news from the world’s entertainment hubs. The Marketplace service includes the very latest happenings in film, television, music, the arts and fashion..

WPA Africa & MENA

WPA Africa News includes stories ranging from economic development and trade, sport, politics and science to music and fashion. It is a programme of interest well outside the region.

WPA Online Social Video

Maximize your global revenues as you deliver the most relevant ads to all viewers and screens.


WPA Europe News Service

Offers the top news from Europe, with a focus on UK, France, Italia, Deutschland and Spain. Designed with your location and language in mind, our experienced reporters cover the most important local stories.

WPA Europe Omnisport

From the pitch, the court or the circuit, we report on more than 60 of the european’s sports, from the most important events..

WPA Europe Life Style

The best of entertainment, life style, music, fashion and cultural information. The service includes the day's breaking news, along with a wealth of features and lifestyle stories reflecting the importance of the area.

WPA Domestic News Service

The domestic News Service has been a valuable complement to WPA World News Service, providing news footage of the top domestic news stories in 80 countries.

Audience Revenues

Grow your audience with high-quality experiences delivered to any device.

Invest in News WPA content, not overhead. Our management tools and performance analytics keep costs down.

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Revenue Builder
Make the most from your content—from media subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads or a blend of all three.

Speed to Market Matters
Our industry leading analytics help you adjust your strategies to address the ways your audience want to watch.


Delivers news from all over the world in 50 languages.

Free Video

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on newswire when they have news they need to communicate quickly, accurately, and in their own words. Here, you have all the video content from newswire's one-stop access to the world's leading and most comprehensive news distribution network.


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